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8:59 p.m. - 04/13/03
I'm entirely in love with the quotes page at nourish, but I've been longing for a place to store those words which aren't entirely recovery-related or upbeat. So chord now has her quote page, too (or at least a home for one that will grow in time. This is so under construction, it's scary. There should be orange signs.)

Important quotes in my existence include (everything ever written by Tori Amos and):


"& the leaves that fall around her/ tickle her cheek in such mockery." -play-tragic

“A family’s like a loaded gun; you point it in the wrong direction, someone’s going to get killed.” –Belle and Sebastian

"All that had come to me, really, was - well, the feasibility of conversion. I suddenly knew that religion, God - something beyond everyday life - was there to be fond, provided one is really willing. And I saw that though what I felt in the church was only imagination, it was a step on the way; because imagination itself can be a kind of willingness - a pretence that things are real, due to one's longing for them. It struck me that this was somehow tied up with what the Vicar said about religiono being an extension of art - and then I had a glimpse of how religion really can cure you of sorrow; somehow make use of it, turn it to beauty, just as art can make sad things beautiful." -Cassandra, I Capture the Castle

"Am I really admitting that my sister is determined to marry a man she has only seen once and doesn't much like the look of? It is half real and half pretence - and I have an idea that it is a game most girls play when they meet any eligible young men. They just ... wonder. And if any family ever had need of wondering, it is ours. But only as regards Rose. I have asked myself if I am doing any personal wondering and in my deepest heart I am not. I would rather die than marry either of those quite nice men." -Cassandra, I Capture the Castle

"and half of learning how to play/ is learning what not to play/ and she's learning the spaces she leaves/ have their own things to say/ then she's trying to sing just enough/ so that the air around her moves/ and make music like mercy/ that gives what it is/ and has nothing to prove// she crawls out on a limb/ and begins to build her home/ it's enough just to look around/ to know she's not alone" -Ani

“and i knew you pigtails and all/ girls when they fall/ and they say marianne killed herself/ and i said not a chance/ don't you love the girls ladies babes old bags who say she was so pretty why/ why why why did she crawl down in the old/ deep ravine” -Tori

"And I'd just like to say, when all of it is said and done, I still choose to love." -Beth Ann (y)

"And if you're a struggling teen writer having doubts about your first relationship, and it's, say, the year 2000, and you're driving up Route 29 North in a snow flurry listening to Joni Mitchell and squinting to make out the car headlights between your windshield wipers and your steamy breath, pull over for just a minute and listen to your gut. Don't lose heart, love--it all does get better from here." -Bemused

“And it's so hard to do and so easy to say. / But sometimes, sometimes you just have to walk away.” -Ben Harper

"and is your place in heaven/ worth giving up these kisses?" -Tori

“And I've felt pleasure and I've felt pain./ And I know now that I can never be the same. // And if someday, I find my peace of mind, I will share my wealth with all of human kind.” -Ben Harper

"and just when you think that you've got enough/ enough grows/ and everywhere that you go in life/ enough knows" -Ani

“and my only way way out is to go so far in” –Tori

"And now I have to confess the unpardonable and the scandalous. I am a happy man. And I am going to tell you the secret of my happiness. It is quite simple. I love mankind. I love love. I hate hate. I try to understand and accept." -Jean Cocteau

"And so to sum it up I am happily miserable." -Valeofenna

"and they can call me crazy if i fail/ all the chance that i need/ is one-in-a-million/ and they can call me brilliant/ if i succeed/ gravity is nothing to me/ moving at the speed of sound/ i'm just gonna get my feet wet/ until i drown..." -Ani

“Anything dead coming back to life hurts.” -Beloved

"As always before, it was a weirdly silent shattering. In the world where she was most alive, the sun split in the sky, the earth erupted, her body was torn to pieces, her teeth and bones crazed and broken to fragments. In the other place, where the ghosts and shadows lived, a car turned into a side drive and down a road to where an old red brick building stood." -I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

"Blame rests always. It is a condition of human life that blame rests, like a butterfly on a leaf. We do not care to see blame hovering about us unable to decide where to rest. No one guesses the burden of the butterfly." -Scented Gardens for the Blind

"buildings and bridges/ are made to bend in the wind/ to withstand the world,/ that's what it takes/ all that steel and stone/ is no match for the air, my friend/ what doesn't bend breaks/ what doesn't bend breaks" -Ani

"Cut flowers last longer, I am told, if they are bruised or singed or if you crumble in the water one or two of those pills which people swallow to deaden a continual feeling of pain." -Scented Gardens for the Blind

"Divisions of the kind were fashionable at that time, and it was so easy to stifle one's need to help by deciding that help could neither be accepted nor understood. I have seen a quick-drying paint advertised lately in the shops. It is most convenient: it dries immediately it is brushed upon the wall. It is like habit, except that habit sets even more quickly upon the mind, and one is grateful for this convenience, the way it removes the need for laborious action or thought. And so we have grouped the deaf, dumb, blind, crippled, mentally ill, in one mass in order to 'deal with' them, for we must 'deal with' these vast surfaces of strangeness which demand all our lives a protective varnish of sympathy. ...Protective for us; against them and ourselves. It is easy to ward off the demands for patient understanding by obliterating them with a mass dull coat of generality." -Scented Gardens for the Blind

"Does it all come down to/ the thing one girl fears/ in the night/ is another girl's/ paradise?" -Tori

"Don't accuse me of false advertising...I was NEVER selling what you wanted to buy. -banefulvenus

"Don't call me a saint. I don't want to be dismissed that easily." -Dorothy Day

"Each decision requires that you choose which parts of yourself you want to cultivate and which parts you want to release." -Gary Zukav

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” -“Closing Time”

Even the sky is no limit." -Unknown

"For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin, real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way. Something to be got through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life." -Fr. Alfred D'Souza

“Forever always seems/ to be around when things begin/ but forever never seems/ to be around when things end/ So give me your forever/ Please your forever/ Not a day less will do/ From you.” -Ben Harper

“Freeing yourself was one thing; claiming ownership of that freed self was another.” -Beloved

“God knows I’ve never been a spiritual man.” -Billy Joel

"growing up isn't always fun/ they tore your dress and stole your ribbons/ they see you cry, they lick their lips/ but butterflies don't belong in nets// oh mary, can you hear me?/ mary, you're bleeding/ mary, don't be afraid/ we're just waking up/ and i hear help is on the way// mary, can you hear me?/ mary, like jimmy said/ mary, don't be afraid/ 'cause even the wind.../ even the wind cries your name" -Tori

"Have you considered what it meant for Alia to be born itno the universe fully cognitive, possessed of all her mother's memories and knowledge? No rape could be more terrifying." -Dune Messiah

"Have you ever felt like your only comfort was your cage? You're not alone; I have felt the same as you. Have you ever felt like your secrets give you away? You're not alone I have been there, too." -Lifehouse

"His body knew things then never learned in consciousness." -Dune Messiah

"How soon shall we learn enough to be able to open the door to them without putting ourselves in more grave danger? How soon shall we learn to break the silence and speak to them?" -Scented Gardens for the Blind

"How strange it is to be liked. It automatically awakens a certain loyalty. ...How strange too and unfamiliar to think that one has been loved, that one's presence had once had the power to make a difference between happiness and dullness in another's day." -Bendrix, The End of the Affair

“’how you been’/ I've been cruisin'/ a good invention/ but in some ways/ I don't think it gets/ any easier” -Tori

I am a restlessness inside a stillness inside a restlessness. -Cassandra, I Capture the Castle

"Human beings say, "It never rains but it pours." This is not very apt for it frequently does rain without pouring. The rabbits' proverb is better expressed. They say, "One cloud is lonely": and indeed it is true that the appearance of a single cloud often means that they sky will soon be overcast." -Richard Adams, Watership Down

"I barely survived yesterday, and it's already tomorrow." -Unknown

"I can't keep losing sleep over this, no, I can't And now I cannot stop pacing Give me a few hours and I'll have this all sorted out If my mind would just stop racing 'Cause I cannot stand still I can't be this unsturdy This cannot be happening This is over my head but underneath my feet 'Cause by tomorrow morning I'll have this thing beat And everything will be back to the way that it was I wish that it was just that easy 'Cause I'm waiting for tonight Then waiting for tomorrow And I'm somewhere in between What is real and just a dream... What is real and just a dream... What is real and just a dream... Would you catch me if I fall out of what I fell in Don't be surprised if I collapse down at your feet again I don't want to run away from this I know that I just don't need this 'Cause I cannot stand still I can't be this unsturdy This cannot be happening 'Cause I'm waiting for tonight Then waiting for tomorrow And I'm somewhere in between What is real and just a dream... What is real and just a dream... What is real and just a dream... What is real and just a dream..." -Lifehouse

"I have no need to write to you or talk to you, you know everything before I can speak, but when one loves, one feels the need to use the same old ways one has always used. I know I am only beginning to love, but already I want to abandon everything, everybody but you; only fear and habit prevent me." -The End of the Affair

"I have severe abandonment issues, so I guess I feel if I go on without keeping hold of the few people who did stay in my life long enough for me to get attached, then I would be abandoning them, by forgetting the love they tried so hard to show me, love is a verb too, too many people forget. And if I did forget their love it would be repeating a crime that happened to me, to repeat the abandonment upon another innocent person." -valeofenna

"I have so many personalities, and I still feel lonely." -Tori

“I feel, therefore I can be free." -Audre Lorde

“I kept talking to myself/ I had to get the words out of my head (so I did)/ You barely said a thing/ You kind of heard me out and then you said (you said) // You're crazy, why do you keep doing this?/ Everything is fine/ Then I think I'm crazy, I do this all the time/ Until I start to think that nothing's even wrong // Maybe I am hiding in my own confusion/ Maybe we're just a picture in my head/ Maybe what if it could be the way I wish it really was/ Maybe I don't wanna see it, the way it really is.” -Lisa Loeb

“I like attention/ and other worse things I could mention.” -Lisa Loeb

"I know all about the facts of life. And I don't think much of them." -Cassandra, I Capture the Castle

“I listen to a whisper/ slowly drift away/ Silence is the loudest/ parting word you never say.” –Ben Harper

"I lost myself in another person's definition of me when I was sixteen and seventeen. I became 'the shy one,' 'the quiet one,' 'the fucked-up one,' M+M over 2. And it would not be much of an exaggeration to say that every skill I've learned since is a tool to ensure that I will never again get lost like that." -Bemused

"I'm a bliss bubble...I have a way of walking when I'm feeling bubbly where my arms swirl, and a way of making myself laugh so hard, in the middle of the sidewalk, that I can barely stand up straight. I have a language known only to myself, a set of inside jokes to which I solely am a party, a style of banter restricted brilliantly to internal dialogue. I swear more when I talk to myself. I sing more too. I am more ruthless. I am so swift that sometimes, I surprise even myself." -Bemused

"i need a better hobby than loving people. something less emotionally expensive." -Shan

"i turn myself inside out/ in hope someone will see" -Tori

"I run off where the DRIFTS GET DEEPER/ sleeping beauty trips me with a frown/ i hear a voice/ "you must learn to stand up for yourself/ cause i can't always be around"/ he says when you gonna make up your mind/ when you gonna love you as much as i do/ when you gonna make up your mind/ cause things are gonna CHANGE so fast/ all the white horses are still in bed/ i tell you that i'll always want you near/ you say that things change my dear" -Tori

“I never thought I'd end up here/ I never thought I'd be standing where I am/ I guess I kind of thought it would be easier than this/ I guess I was wrong/ now one more time...” –Lifehouse

"I used to regard dish-washing merely as an ignoble chore, a kind of hateful discipline which had to be undergone with knitted brow and brazen fortitude. When my wife went away the first time, I erected a reading stand and an electric light over the skin, and used to read while my hands went automatically through base gestures of purification. I made the great spirits of literature partners in my sorrow, and learned by heart a good deal of Paradise Lost and of Walt Mason, while I soused and wallowed among pots and pans. I used to comfort myself with two lines of Keats: 'The moving waters at their preist-like task/ Of pure ablution round earth's human shores--' Then a new conception of the matter struck me. It is intolerable for a human being to go on doing any task as a penance, under duress. No matter what the work is, one must spiritualize it in some way, whatter the old idea of it into bits and rebuild it nearer to the heart's desire. How was I do this with dish-washing?... I broke a good many plates while I was pondering over the matter. Then it occurred to me that here was just the relaxation I needed. I had been worrying over the mental strain of being surrounded all day by vociferous books, crying out at me their conflicting views as to the glories and agonies of life. Why not make dish-washing my balm and poultice? ...When one views a stubborn fact from a new angle, it is amazing how all its contours and edges change shape! Immediately my dishpan began to glow with a kind of philosophic halo! The warm, soapy water became a sovereign medicince to retact hot blood from the head; the homely act of washing and drying cups and saucers became a symbol of the order and cleanliness that man imposes on the unruly world about him. I tore down my book rack and reading lamp from over the sink... Do not laugh at me when I tell you I have developed a whole kitchen philosophy of my own." -R. Mifflin, The Haunted Bookshop

"i want someone to hold me not because i'm crying but simply because i'm here." -whereistand

"I was blind. I am blind. A quick pinch of a word and time is adjusted, and we believe its adjustment, thinking, We have put time in its place, its pen, cell, hutch of tense, and all that remains now is to feed it, fatten it, kill it for the feast." -Scented Gardens for the Blind

"I was wet before I got to the street. I headed north on Post Road, towards town. There was only that artificial, very yellow sort of light to guide my way, along with the occasional (very bright) flash of lightning. I looked down at each footstep, which is not normal for me while I run, but I had to pay extra attention to footing. I watched my feet splash through puddles and of course thought of Claire, and the night we played in the rain. I felt a little lonely, just in realizing that now I'm the only one who holds that memory. There were two versions of it, side by side, and now there is just one. But the rain helped the loneliness slide off, slip to the ground, lay there in a puddle, left behind. Each drop reminded me, 'there were thousands of us there that night, and here are thousands of us again. And who's to say we're not the same rain, that we pushed and swam and tunneled our way down to the Gulf, where we went out into the deep, then we were evaporated up, carried across hundreds of miles to here, to pour down on you, on the night you so desperately wanted rain?'" -Beth Ann (y)

"If I died tonight/ Would you hold my hand, no/ Would you understand/ And if I lived in spite/ Would you still be here, no/ Would you disappear..." -Cranberries

"If I'm alive and well, will you be there holding my hand?" -3 Doors Down

“If I’m to run the future, you’ve got to let the old world go.” –Sleater-Kinney

"If the aborigine drafted an IQ test, all of Western civilization presumably would flunk it." -Stanley Marion Garn

"If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn't." -Emerson M. Pugh

“I’m no fucking Buddhist, but this is enlightenment.” –Bjork

I'm finding my way back to sanity again/ Though I don't really know what I'm gonna do when I get there. –Lifehouse

“In this here place, we flesh; flesh that weeps, laughs; flesh that dances on bare feet in grass. Love it. Love it hard. Yonder they do not love your flesh. They despise it. They don’t love your eyes; they’d just as soon pick em out. No more do they love the skin on your back. Yonder they flay it. And O my people they do not love your hands. Those they only use, tie, bind chop off, and leave empty. Love your hands! Love them. Raise them up and kiss them. Touch others with them, pat them together, stroke them on your face ‘cause they don’t love that either. You got to love it, you! And no, they ain’t in love with your mouth. Yonder, out there, they will see it broken and break it again. What you say out of it they will not heed. What you scream from it they do not hear. What you put into it to nourish your body they will snatch away and give you leavins instead. No, they don’t love your mouth. You got to love it. This is the flesh I’m talking about here. Flesh that needs to be loved. Feet that need to rest and to dance; backs that need support; shoulders that need arms, strong arms I’m telling you. And O my people, out yonder, hear me, they do not love your neck unnoosed and straight. So love your neck; put a hand on it, grace it, stroke it and hold it up. And all your inside parts that they’d just as soon slop for hogs, you got to love the. The dark, dark liver – love it, love it, love it, and the beat of the beating heart, love that too. More than eyes or feet. More than lungs that have yet to draw free air. More than your life-holding womb and your life-giving private parts, hear me now, love your heart. For this is the prize.” -Beloved

"It has come to me, sitting here in the barn feeling very full of cold rice, that there is something revolting about the way girls' minds so often jump to marriage before they jump to love. And most of those minds are shut to what marriage really means. Now I come to think of it, I am judging from books mostly, for I don't know any girls except Rose and Topaz. But some characters in books are very real - Jane Austen's are; and I know those five Bennets at the opening of Pride and Prejudice, simply waiting to raven the young men at Netherfield Park, are not giving one thought to the real facts of marriage." -Cassandra, I Capture the Castle

"It has occurred to me that perhaps Edward too has lost his power of speech, that when I meet him he will stare at me as Erlene stares now, proclaiming my guilt, that he will go to Erlene in the next room and sit with her and the two will remain there forever in silence. And gradually others will join them. People will call at the house, enter the next room, sit by the windowsill and contemplate the insects, all in silence. The whole world will be struck dumb, and I shall be the only one left with speech, and all will gaze at me, proclaiming my guilt and not replying or seeming even to understand when I speak to them; but they will smile and smile amongst themselves in their new secret language; and everywhere I go - I cannot go far, for this town and this country are my loves - I shall find heaps of decaying words - on the sides of the road, in gutters in rubbish dumps and litter tins, for every home will have cast out words as useless, throwing them recklessly and thankfully away yet without thought for hygiene, forgetting the stench and diseases which have arisen from accumulations of decaying or dead words which no one has taken care to bury or burn. How can I take it upon myself to be responsible for the language of speech if the world is struck dumb? Oh, I must urge the furniture to speak, and the walls, and the trees; my clothes, my food, all objects musk speak; it is a panic; anything to drown the final silence of the human race! What use is the silence? Even now as I look out of the window I can see the mounds of rotting words, the foul steam arising from them as, like compost, they generate their own fertile vapors and powers ... you see? there is no end, growth must emerge from them, perhaps I too shall walk all over the land scattering the dead words upon the soil and watching for the plants which grow from them, all the new trees which will shelter us from the sun and the fires in the sky. It is a new Eden: the growth of articulate speech from the silence that fell like a shroud upon the language." -Scented Gardens for the Blind

"It is doubtless impossible to approach any human problem with a mind free from bias." -Simone de Beauvoir

"It is high time the ideal of success should be replaced with the ideal of service." -Albert Einstein

"It was not facing what life dealt that made you crazy, but rather trying to set life straight where it was unstraightenable." -Anne Lamott

"It's the wanting we want, not the having." -Geneen Roth

I've got somebody else's thoughts in my head/ I want some of my own -Lifehouse

"'I've never been one for physical exercise,' she said. 'But what God does with our faith must be something like workouts. He sees to it that our faith gest pushed and pulled, stretched and pounded, taken to its limits so its limits can expand." -Cynthia Coppersrmith, At Home in Mitford

"Let's understand the power of our pens. I'm all for people writing what they believe in. But this is about then saying that you don't believe in it -- that 'it's only words.' You cannot separate yourself from your creation. You can't. You have to be responsible for the shit you put out there." -Tori

"Life is lived forwards, but understood backwards." -Soran Kierkegaard

"Light must get in, at all costs. Light will commit murder to get in. It is no use boarding up the house with blindness. One can pour darkness over the house until a thick layer sets, impenetrable as death, a concrete refusal, numbness, isolation; yet inside one meets light in every room, sitting by the fire, at home." -Scented Gardens for the Blind

"maybe i didn't like hear/ but i still can't believe speed racer is dead/ so then i thought i'd make some plans/ but fire thought she'd really rather be water instead" -Tori

"Man has places in his heart which do not yet exist, and into them enters suffering in order that they may have existence." -Leon Bloy

“Mom doesn't just enjoy guilt trips; she runs the travel agency." -Unknown

"...mourn the loss/ of something you cannot name." -play-tragic

"My parents separated this summer, and I spent a month in Virginia watching the house turn strange." -Bemused

“my scream got lost in a paper cup/ you think there's a heaven/ where some screams have gone/ i got 25 bucks and a cracker/ do you think it's enough/ to get us there/ but what if i'm a mermaid/ in these jeans of his/ with her name still on it/ hey but i don't care/ cause sometimes i said/ sometimes i hear my voice and it's been/ HERE silent all these/ years go by will i still be waiting/ for somebody else to understand/ years go by if i'm stripped of my beauty/ and the orange clouds raining in my head/ years go by will i choke on my tears/ till finally there is nothing left/ one more casualty/ you know we're too EASY easy easy” -Tori

"'My feet are cold,' one says, and the legless man replies, 'So are mine. So are mine.'" -Kentucky folklore

"Nature is a language; can't you read?" -The Smiths

"Nine-tenths of wisdom is appreciation. Go find somebody's hand and squeeze it, while there's time." -Dale Dauten

"No one knows how much the world is worn out, defaced, by the continual rubbing of human sight upon its pages." -Scented Gardens for the Blind

"Nonsense, duckie - it's perfectly simple. You lose yourself in something other than yourself, and it's a lovely rest. -Miss Blossom, I Capture the Castle

Not till the loom is silent/ and the wheels have ceased to fly,/ shall God unroll the canvas/ and explain the reason why." -Unknown

"Once bitten, twice shy." -GF Northell

"One of the things that makes a dead leaf fall to the ground is the bud of the new leaf that pushes it off the limb. When you let God fill you with his love and forgiveness, the things you think you desperately want to hold on to start falling away...and we hardly notice their passing." -Father Tim, At Home in Mitford

"Or was the atmosphere something which one by one the inhabitants brought with them when they came to stay and which remained when they left, as much a apart of their discarded property as the worn shaving brush, the rusty razor blades dropped behind teh bath, the empty coat hangers hanging light-headed in the closed serious wardrobe, the stray shirt that came back from the laundry too late to be claimed..." -Scented Gardens for the Blind

"Our imagination is stretched to the utmost, not, as in fiction, to imagine things which are not really there, but just to comprehend those things which are there." -Richard Feynman

"People are struggling always for their identity, trying to carry home in knotted handkerchiefs, handbags, purses, brain cells, gutters of flesh, those parts of themselves which they most treasure; but in the dark there is always confusion, with pieces of self being mislaid or exchanged unawares or snatched by others who covet them, so that on return from the outer edge of being there is little cause for triumph; the entire plunder has become the common property of humanity." -Scented Gardens for the Blind

"Rabbits...are like human beings in many ways. One of these is certainly their staunch ability to withstand disaster and to let the stream of their life carry them along, past reaches of terror and loss. They have a certain quality that would not be accurate to describe as callousness or indifference. It is, rather, a blessedly circumscribed imagination and an intuitive feeling that Life is Now. ...As with primitive humans the very strength and vividness of their sympathy brought with it a true release. Their feelings were not false or assumed. While the story was being told, they heard it without the reserve or detachment that the kindest of civilized humans retains as he reads the newspaper...The story over, the demands of their own hard, rough lives began to re-assert themselves in their hearts, in their rooms, their blood and appetites." -Richard Adams, Watership Down

"Reach out and touch faith." -Depeche Mode

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." -Philip K. Dick

"Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope." -F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

"School is an institution built on the axion that learning is the result of teaching. And institutional wisdom continues to accept this axiom, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary." -Ivan Illich

"School was a worry to her. She was not glib or quick in a world where glibness and quickness were easily confused with ability to learn." -Tillie Olsen

"Shyness is nice, and shyness can stop you for doing things in life you'd like to." -The Smiths

"Sights and Sounds/ pull me back down/ another year/ I WAS HERE/ I WAS HERE" -Tori

"She would like to fill the lake/ with other swimmers, with answers/ she calls her name." -Margaret Atwood

“She shook her head from side to side, resigned to her rebellious brain. Why was there nothing it refused? No misery, no regret, no hateful picture too rotten to accept? Like a greedy child it snatched up everything. Just once, could it say, No thank you? I just ate and can’t hold another bite? I am full God damn it of two boys with mossy teeth, one sucking on my breast the other holding me down, their bookreading teacher watching and writing it up. I am still full of that, God damn it, I can’t go back and add more. ...But my greedy brain says, Oh thanks, I’d love more – so I add more. And no sooner than I do, there is no stopping. ...My brain would go right ahead and take it and never say, No thank you. I don’t want to know or have to remember that. I have other things to do: worry, for example, about tomorrow...about age and sickness, not to speak of love.” -Beloved

"she's been everybody else's girl/ maybe one day she'll be her own" -Tori

"Smiling will only intensify the mystery." -Unknown

"Something we were withholding made us weak until we found it was ourselves." -Robert Frost

"Sometimes, in this room, at the last minute, the parents, husbands, wives, turned with loathing from the truth of the frightening sickness. Sometimes they took their strange-eyed ones away again. It was fear, or bad judgment well meant enough, or...that straying grain of jealousy and anger that would not let the long line of misery be severed a generation after their own." -I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

"Sometimes, we get so worn out with being useful that we get useless. ...Are you too exhausted to run and too scared to rest?" -At Home in Mitford

"Somewhere in the brain, the book said, an impulse in the brain letting the words go free, sympathetic movement of larynx lips tongue, the shaping of breat, and even then, the book said, it may not be speech which emerges, it may only be a cry such as a bird makes or a beast lurking in the trees at night, or loneliest of all, not the cry of a bird or beast but the first uttering of a new language which is understood by no one and nothing, and which causes a smoke screen of fear to cloud the mind, as defense against the strangeness." -Scented Gardens for the Blind

"The doctor leaned forward in her chair, feeling Deborah's exhaustion at revealing the things which seemed to Deborah to most truly motivate her. A secret language concealing a still more secret one; a world veiling a hidden world; and symptoms guarding still deeper symptoms to which it was not yet time to go, and those in turn concealing a still, still deeper burning wish to live. She wanted to tell the stunned-looking girl in front of her that this sickness, which everyone shied away from and was frightened of - and tongues and codes and propitiations were for her the means to stay alive in a world of anarchy and terror." -I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

“The future was a matter of keeping the past at bay.” -Beloved

"The heart has its reasons which reason does not know." -Pascal

"The most singular difference between happiness and joy is that happiness is a solid and joy is a liquid." -JD Salinger

"The only way you can endure your pain is to let it be painful." -Shunryu Suzuki

"The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem." -Theodore Rubin

"The quickest remedy [for a broken heart] is that you must learn not to value love because it is requited. It makes no difference whether your love is returned. Your love is of value to you because you give it." -The Wit and Wisdom of Quentin Crisp

"The sick are all so afraid of their own uncontrollable power! Somehow they cannot believe that they are only people, holding only a human-sized anger!" -I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

"The thing that is so wrong about being mentally ill is the terrible price you have to pay for your own survival."-I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

“the threads that are golden don’t break easily.” -Tori

"Their very illness made them examine sanity as few "sane" people could." -I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

"there are too many stars and not enough sky." -Tori

There goes my pain/ There goes my chains/ Did you see them fall ... There goes the world/ off of my shoulders/ There goes the world off of my back. –Lifehouse

"Things falling apart is a kind of testing and also a kind of healing. We think that the point is to pass the test or to overcome the problem, but the truth is that thingds don't really get solved. They come together and they fall apart again. It's just like that. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for joy." -Pema Chodron

"This is just another ending in a neverending story." -Unknown

"They gave him a seashell. 'So you'll learn to love the water.' They opened a cage and let a bird go free: 'So you'll learn to love the air.' They gave him a geranium. 'So you'll learn to love the earth.' And they gave him a little bottle sealed up tight. 'Don't ever, ever open it. So you'll learn to love mystery.'" -Eduardo Galeano

"Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book." -Cicero

"To be too conscious is an illness." -Dostoevsky

"To embrace the child may threaten the adult who values information above wonder, entertainment above play, and intelligence above ignorance. If we were really to care for the child, we would have to face our own lower natures - our indomitable emotions, our insane desires, and the vast range of our incapacity." -Thomas Moore

“To get to a place where you could love anything you chose – not to need permission for desire – well now, that was freedom.” -Beloved

"Truth suffers from too much analysis." -Dune Messiah

"watch me be this other thing, i never know/ if i'm marooned or where the purple people go/ then lily white matricide from vicious words/ it doesn't leave a scratch so therefore no one's hurt/ thunder wishes it could be the snow/ wishes it could be as loved as she can be/ these gifts are here for her, for you, for me" -Tori

“We are story tellers, story seekers. We lean into the promise of narrative the way dogs lean into the wind, imagining a meal from a faint whiff of hide, detecting some kind of trouble in the distant rumble of an engine. It is our way of making sense of the world. We guess that the policeman who issued a ticket when a warning would have sufficed must have had an argument with his wife this morning; we assume the ailing or distracted parent makes the small child at the supermarket drag her feet or fret. One thing occurs, then something else occurs after that as a result. What happens next? we are always asking. And why? A story develops, the weaving together of circumstance and explanation. There is the rhythm of cause and effect, cause and effect; they are links in a chain of understanding.” -Deborah Y. Abramson

"We have what you want, though you may not know you want it." -Roger Mifflin, Propr., The Haunted Bookshop

"We must always be on the lookout for perverse dynamic processes which carry even good things to excess. It is precisely these excesses which become the most evil things in the world. The devil, after all, is a fallen angel." -Kenneth Boulding

"We must someday make a test to show us where the health is as well as the illness...The hidden strength is to deep a secret. But in the is our only ally." -I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

"We put our truths together in pieces, but you use nails, and I use glue. You mend with staples. I ment with screws. You stitch what I would bandage. Your truth may not look like mine, but that is not what matters. What matters is this. You can look at a scar and see hurt or you can look at a scar and see healing. Try to understand." -Sheri Reynolds

"we scream in cathedrals/ why can't it be beautiful?/ why does there got to be a sacrifice?" -Tori

"What a difference there is between wearing even the skimpiest bathing-suit and wearning nothing! After a few minutes I seemed to live in every inch of my body as fully as I usually do in my head and my hands and my heart. I had the fascinating feeling that I could think as easily with my limbs as with my brain - and suddenly the whole of me thought that Topaz's nosense about communing with nature isn't nonsense at all." -Cassandra, I Capture the Castle

"what do you plan to do with all your freedom?" -Tori

"What my mind's eye was trying to tell me was that the Vicar and Miss Marcy had managed to by-pass the suffering that comes to most people - he by his religion, she by her kindness to others. And it came to me that if one does that, one is liable to miss too much along with the suffering - perhaps in a way, life itself. ...I said aloud: 'I don't want to miss anything.' And then misery came rushing back like a river that had been damned up. I tried to open my heart to it, to welcome it as part of my life's experience, and at first that made it easier to bear. Then it got worse than ever before - it was physical as well as mental, my heart and ribs and shoulders and chest, even my arms, ached. I longed so desperately for someone to comfort me that I went and laid my head on Miss Blossom's bust - I thought of it as soft and motherly, under a royal-blue satin blouse, and imagined her saying: 'That's right - go through it, not round it, duckie. It's the best way for most of us in the end.'" -I Capture the Castle

"When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid." -Audre Lorde

"When I write, I cannot be the quiet one." -Bemused

"When the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone,/ when you're sure you've had enough/ of this life, well hang on./ Don't let yourself go, everybody cries and everybody hurts/ sometimes. // Sometimes everything is wrong. Now it's time to sing along/ When your day is night alone, (hold on, hold on)/ if you feel like letting go, (hold on)/ when you think you've had too much of this life, well hang on." -REM

"Whether or not we realize it each of us has within us the ability to set some kind of example for people. Knowing this would you rather be the one known for being the one who encouraged others, or the one who inadvertently discouraged those around you?" -Josh Hinds

"Where the river cross/ crosses/ the lake/ Where the words/ Jump off my pen and/ into your pages/ Do you think/ just like that/ You can divide/ This/ You as yours/ Me as mine/ to before we were/ Us // If the rain/ Has/ to separate from/ Itself/ does it say/ 'pick out your/ cloud?'/ pick out your/ cloud?" -Tori

"Why do we remember the past but not the future?" -Stephen Hawking

"Why else keep a journal if not to examine your own filth?" -Anne Sexton

“Would it be all right? Would it be all right to go ahead and feel? Go ahead and count on something?” -Beloved

"You better believe I'm trying to beat this." –Lifehouse

“You can have your fill/ but don’t take too much.” -“God Bless The Child”

“You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out God hates all the same people you do.” -Bird By Bird

"You lost yourself in your search to find something else to hide behind/ The fearful always preyed upon your confidence/ Did they see the consequence, when they pushed you around/ The arrogant build kingdoms made of the different ones/ Breaking them 'til they've become just another crown./ Refuse to feel, Anything at all refuse to slip, Refuse to/ Fall, can't be weak, Can't stand still, you watch your back, / 'Cause no one will. you don't know why they had to go/ This far, traded your worth for these scars, for your only / Company. don't believe the lies that they told to you/ Not one word was true, you're alright, You're alright, You're alright." -Lifehouse

"You needn't be so scared. Love doesn't end. Just because we don't see each other... People go on loving God, don't they, all their lives without seeing Him?" -Sarah, The End of the Affair

"You will meet a friggin' Spice Girl who will tell you, 'You will probably be murdered by a crazed life insurance salesman with a sharpened pie.'" -my Cartman horoscope

"You will not have to give up anything until you are ready, and then there will be something to replace it." -I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

“Your feet are going to be on the ground/ your head is there to move you around/ so stand.” -REM

“Your heart has a home in mine.” -Ben Harper

"Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it." -Buddha

"Youth is not enough. And love is not enough. And success is nout enough...and, if we could achieve it, enough would not be enough." -Mignon McLoughlin


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