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10:40 p.m. - 02/07/03
*come to my window. :]]]
I feel really marvelous right now. (Raised anxiety meds leave me calm for the first time in months. Calm enough to feel a heart bursting over with love. Calm enough to feel safe.) I want to share that with everyone in the world. So I'm starting by going totally crazy with diaryrings. This is here so I have a place to explain them. Real entry later. :)

EDRECOVERY: I started this ring because I've been in recovery for just under 1 and 1/2 years over two years, and I know many other people who are putting up the same amazing fight. We're all exposed to the stigma, stereotyping, and pro-ed material that undermines this important work, but we can choose to tell a different story and to stand strong together. "One cannot creep where one feels the impulse to soar." -Helen Keller (Members of this ring might also enjoy nourish..)

GHOSTWRITER: Ghostwriter may qualify as my first addiction. I tuned into episodes obsessively, and wholeheartedly worked to become a member of the team. This is a sillier ring to commemorate that. Ghooooooooostwriter!

ATOMFOLK: This ring is very simple. If you love Paul Zindel, The Effect of Gamma Rays, or if you love me- feel free to join. (Yes, that last one does qualify as - nearly - shameless self-promotion. But no one ever said external affirmation was poisonous, now did they?)

PRO-RECOVERY:Very simply, this ring needs to be here to counter the painful amount of material online (and at diaryland) which promotes eating disorders and other destructive means of self-preservation. I don't mean this ring as a judgment of anyone, but I do judge the encouragement of illness. I know the pain of it myself, as I strive to recover; as a friend, who sees others struggle; and in the wake of a friend's death by these means. I also know the absolute wonder of recovery. Hard as it can be, it's absolutely *more* than worth the work.

MR-ROGERS: This one is simple. It's because there's no one in the world just exactly like him. Join as a way of remembering just how much he touched your life.

DANIEL-STRIPED-TIGER: (danlstrpdtgr) Daniel was my favorite character in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. But I suppose he doesn't have to be your *favorite* in order to join. You just have to love that shy little tiger who said Ugga Mugga and made you feel, well, fuzzy (inside).

RAMONA: and while we're reminiscing about childhood loves- you all need to join the Ramona ring. you know you loved her. you understood what it was like to be considered a pest for *no good reason.* you understood what it was like to want to pull ringlets and go "boing" or to kick your walls and scream "guts" which *was not supposed to make everyone laugh.* join because, after all, you still understand.

JOANNE-GREENBERG: (joannegrnbrg) The ever-so-underrated (i.e. incredible author) of books like I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, which is way better than its mass-market, teen-romance-novel-cover, I swear.

ED-SUPPORT - is not what it's name makes it sound like (thank Godd.) Ed-support is actually a ring for those people who have friends or family suffering from an eating disorder. That's an extremely hard task as well, so this ring is to honor them. (Well, us, actually.)

GETTING BETTER (gettngbetter) - is all about not taking part in the gaggle of diarylanders intent on lying around looking pained. Whether you're fighting a destructive behavior, illness, or just trying to change a personality quirk you'd rather not have, this is your ring. Here's to personal growth. :)

OPPOSE-ANGST - This ring is in no way against melodrama; I love melodrama, personally. This ring is just for those of us who, after stumbling across our ten-thousandth d*land journal with the pseudo-haunting layout and the oh-so-dramatic poetry (as well as those of us who've grown out of writing those diaries ourselves) feel the need to point out there's more to life than pain. And the pain that is part of life deserves to be felt and respected, not glorified or romanticised.

(updates as necessary)



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